Get the Most out of Your Test Cell or Hush House

We estimate that 85% of Jet Engine Test Cell facilities in the U.S.A. are operating with outdated equipment and systems, which means inefficiencies, headaches, constant maintenance needs, unnecessary downtime, and even elevated safety risks.

  • Review of AeroAcoustics
  • Auxiliary Systems Audit
  • Hydraulic Systems Status
  • Ice Detection Solutions
  • Engine Handling Systems

Reach out for details on how you can get a Jet Engine Test Cell Assessment to help prioritize your repairs and upgrades for 2023.



Every weld, gear, part, and component matters.

Each part of your test cell or hush house affects test day. It’s why we have an in-house fabrication and manufacturing operation and it’s why we come to work every day. We believe in doing things better. We don’t simply fix problems. We analyze, assess, and improve. Making things better. Always with an eye on innovation, collaboration and partnership.

In It From the Beginning

Swanda Aerospace has been involved in test cell construction, manufacturing, innovation and installation since the 50s. We’re the original pioneer in building and upgrading engine testing facilities and solutions to keep planes in the air year-round.

  • New builds & relocations
  • Repairs & renovations
  • Turnkey systems & solutions
  • Custom in-house fabrication

Introducing: Real-Time Ice Detection & Monitoring

For years, jet engine testing during cold temperatures has been limited and has caused significant issues. Operators have relied on temperature charts to determine if ice could be present

Our new ice detection system measures ice formation and accretion rates, considering real time airflow rates associated with the engine inlet. The result: less testing time lost during potentially icy conditions. The system continuously monitors for conditions that are dangerous and reports if there are any weather-related changes as they happen. Additionally, it can be integrated with your test cell’s data acquisition system or work as a stand-alone.

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