Relocation and Refurbishment of Two Air Force T-9 Noise Suppressors

Swanda and Atec, Inc. teamed for the relocation and refurbishment of two US Air Force A/F32 T-9 Noise Suppressors for the USAF.  The Atec / Swanda Team is relocated these T-9's from Cannon AFB in New Mexico and Aviano AFB in Italy to support Tinker AFB engines test operations in Oklahoma City.  These T-9's will be utilized at Tinker AFB for testing multiple turbine engine types that are maintained and repaired at Tinker AFB.  When completed, this project will insure that the USAF / Tinker AFB maintainers have two state of the art T-9 test facilities to continue supporting the warfighter effort.  Swanda is dedicated to expedited completion of this critical project for the US Air Force.