Superior Test Cell Components + Specialty Products Made in the U.S.

The technical challenges of designing a jet engine test facility require extensive experience with performance characteristics, logistics of usage. We understand the fabrication process, assembly and installation, harsh acoustic environments, vibration, temperature, pressure and airflow issues.

We fabricate complex components and products of all sizes and materials. 


Established in 1902 // Began Aerospace work building components for the first U.S. test cell in the 1960s.

Whether you need complete test facilities, restoration of an aging facility, specialized support equipment, or the simplest metal structures created, we can do it all—from concept to design and onwards.

When you work with us, you see, we do much more than we’re tasked with. We get in, assess and problem solutions. We look at what can be improved, what can work better and what can improve testing conditions for our customers. Because of this, we have some of the longest running customer relationships in the industry.

Test cell upgrade

Auxiliary Systems

We Develop, Create and Service a Wide-Range of Auxiliary Systems We offer full-service design and installation of auxiliary systems that help you get the most

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Hydraulic Systems

Our Hydraulic Systems Handle Your Equipment With Ease Jet engine test cells are large, complex facilities that are built to accommodate aircraft testing and various

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Aero Acoustics

A Century of Aeroacoustics Acoustics are an important factor of jet engine performance and Swanda testing facilities allow engineers to conduct detailed tests to pinpoint

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Extensive In-House shop Facilities that can accommodate large-scale construction and factory assembly demonstrations.


Our Promise: At Swanda, our mission is to be the best partner in Aerospace.

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