Repair of US Navy T-10 Test Cell Facility at Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, NC

Swanda participated in the repair of the T-10 jet engine test facility at Cherry Point, NC.  This included the refurbishment and repack of the US Navy T-10 augmentor tube, fabrication and installation of new wall and roof acoustical panel enclosure, refurbished turning vane, main doors, and exhaust stack. 

This project was completed on time and in budget.  this facility will play a vital role in the future for the testing and evaluation of jet engines. 

Jet Engine Test Cell Facilities in NAS Meridian, MS and Kingsville, TX

Swanda attended a ribbon cutting ceremony in Meridian, Mississippi to celebrate the completion of the two T-10 Jet Engine Test Cells.

The first is located in Meridian, Mississippi and the second is located in Kingsville, Texas.  Swanda was instrumental in providing a new design on the Navy's existing after burner jet engine test cell facility.  this is the first time since the late 1970's any major changes to the design has occurred on these jet engine test cells.

Relocation and Refurbishment of Two Air Force T-9 Noise Suppressors

Swanda and Atec, Inc. teamed for the relocation and refurbishment of two US Air Force A/F32 T-9 Noise Suppressors for the USAF.  The Atec / Swanda Team is relocated these T-9's from Cannon AFB in New Mexico and Aviano AFB in Italy to support Tinker AFB engines test operations in Oklahoma City.  These T-9's will be utilized at Tinker AFB for testing multiple turbine engine types that are maintained and repaired at Tinker AFB.  When completed, this project will insure that the USAF / Tinker AFB maintainers have two state of the art T-9 test facilities to continue supporting the warfighter effort.  Swanda is dedicated to expedited completion of this critical project for the US Air Force. 

Hush House Restoration

T-9 Noise Suppressor Repair at Dyess Air Force Base

Swanda was recently awarded a project to repair two T-9 Noise Suppressor System (Hush House) at Dyess Air Force Base.  Multiple parts and systems of these facilities will be repaired or replaced to make them in top shape to continue engine testing for many years to come.  Swanda looks forward to beginning this projects and having these facilities in working order by 2013.

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