Solar Shades

Our Future is so bright we have to build shades!  Swanda designs, constructs and installs cutting edge architectural sunshade solutions that will cool down your building's energy costs.  Architects see the light with Swanda's innovative ways to help you go green on the inside, with cold hard stainless steel on the outside.  Swanda can design, fabricate and install any sort of custom stainless steel canopy, awning and louver designs.  We can customize a green energy plan for you corporate headquarters or

Stainless Steel Planters

Improve Profits with a Stainless First Impression

Swanda's stainless steel planters provide architectural elegance to any facility.  Imagine your facility being transformed to modern art with the architectural impact achieved from just a few stainless steel planter boxes that create a beautiful green wall.  Swanda completed its most recent installation of these green planters at a facility in Oklahoma City.  This green wall is beautiful from the inside out and is the perfect architectural enhancement for energy savers that care about the impact their organization has on the environment. 

Skydance Pedestrian Bridge

Swanda was "flying high" as part of the Skydance Pedestrian Bridge Project Team for the City of Oklahoma City.  This bridge was inspired by the Oklahoma Scissor-tailed flycatcher and is a pedestrian walkway to connect downtown Oklahoma City to the Oklahoma River.  Swanda is pleased to have been a part of this great Oklahoma landmark.

Chesapeake Energy Playscape

Swanda Swings into Playtime

At Swanda we are galvanized on fun!  Our team avoided tantrums and played well together as we fabricated and installed eleven custom stainless steel playhouses and a multitude of metal custom garden houses and twenty steel plant tunnels.  This unique playscape project is a one of a kind design and is sure to be a playground experience like no other. Join us in the fun!

Let Swanda design, fabricate and install your next architectural adventure.

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