Swanda has been a key player in the deployment of metal equipment and structures to support a clean environment throughout the United States. In fact, Swanda was a key service provider in one of the world's largest environmental clean-up and abatement efforts.

We continue to deploy systems day in and day out that not only support air quality and employee health, but also improve productivity and profitability of the clients we serve.

Swanda's team of key personnel and outside consultants have the specialized knowledge and expertise to design, manufacture, construct and install state-of-the-art air quality emission capture and collection systems and process vessels for machining operations, acid and chlorine plants, and refineries.

All in One Solution

Swanda packaged industrial air quality systems were developed for customers who want an all in one solution to blue haze visible emissions and housekeeping safety hazards for a variety of industrial applications. Typically the industrial system consists of a skid mounted pre-filtration section, an enclosure or vessel for the Brink mist eliminator(s), a pressure blower/motor, electrical starting devices and instrumentation.

These systems, depending on size, are shipped completely assembled, pre-engineered for the specific application. Swanda will design, fabricate, and install interconnect ducting, capture hoods or enclosures, piping and, if appropriate, electrical tie ins to insure mist removal without hindering operational efficiency. 


Swanda's Environmental solutions are applicable to many conditions and environments where employees may be subjected to unacceptable air quality conditions. A few of those applications are as follows:

  • Grinders           
  • Machining centers
  • Turning machines
  • Screw machines
  • Cut-off saws
  • Hones
  • Hobbs and gear cutters
  • Electrical discharge machines
  • Cold heading
  • Hot forging
  • Transfer machines
  • Parts washers
  • ANY metalworking process that generates oil smoke and mist


It is critical to the success of any Environmental solution to evaluate the cost and the benefit of the project. Several of the key benefits of a Swanda installed environmental solution are outlined below:

  • Continuous efficiencies of up to 99.9% + D.O.P.
  • Achieve clean air and a clean shop
  • Save money on heating/cooling costs
  • Recycle expensive metalworking fluids
  • Eliminate blue haze for a healthy and safe workplace
  • Beats proposed OSHA standards