Ventilation System

Together with the air pollution control equipment of an industrial manufacturing plant, a ventilation system is required to transport process gases from the emission sources to the atmosphere. The system is typically comprised of ductwork, exhaust fan, and stack. The ductwork transports process gasses from the emission points to the control devices and onwards to the stack where it is released to the atmosphere. In all cases, an exhaust fan or blower is the driving force behind moving the process along the ductwork and is either placed before or after the gas control equipment.

The entire process must be accomplished carefully to account for the most effective means to get from one point to another. Considering that the fan is typically operating at a negative pressure, the system must be designed appropriately to endure suction or compression forces while engaging in the least amount of pressure losses.

Swanda brings over 100 years of experience as a custom metal fabricator to expertly design and manufacture the ductwork from sheet metal and the engineering knowhow to design and supply the fan and stack along with all requir ed structural support, expansion joints and equipment process instrumentation. Our commitment to quality and customer service sets us apart and ensures a successful and rewarding experience to all our customers and partners in business.

Whether our customers require a one-stop shop, full ventilation system including field installation and commissioning services, or simply provide sheet metal ductwork fabrication, Swanda is committed to meet their needs efficiently and exceed their expectations.

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