Other Services

Swanda provides end-to-end solutions for all phases of a test cell or hush house construction, relocation or repair. In addition to the highly technical requirements of test cell design, fabrication and installation, we also provide the following additional solutions:
  • General construction - For new test cell or hush house construction, Swanda has the required expertise for all aspects of these projects including, but not limited to, general construction, concrete placement and embeds.
  • All test cell elements - Swanda has exposure to all elements of construction, repair, refurbishment and maintenance and over time has been contracted to fabricate or refurbish every essential element of a noise suppressor facility.
  • Documentation - Swanda regularly deals with facilities for which accurate documentation either never existed or for which documentation has become inaccurate due to changes, alterations and additions over the years. In these instances, Swanda can generate current, accurate drawings and other relevant documentation on a real-time basis without material delay to the project.