Aviation test cell facilities allow government entities and private organizations to test and operate various aircraft engines in a safe environment.

Testing of this equipment is critical to its ongoing reliability, functionality and safety. Operators utilize test cells to power aero-engines under different scenarios. Operators will perform tests and utilize data acquisition systems to capture and evaluate hundreds of data elements. This information helps operators and engineers to evaluate the engine's power, fuel usage and general operating effectiveness compared to the engine's design.

The internal and external acoustical effectiveness of a Swanda constructed test facility is unmatched. Swanda brings over 60 years of test cell manufacturing and repair experience to meet your aviation acoustic needs.

Swanda's collaborative team can provide state-of-the-art acoustic engineering to every test cell or hush house project. Our team provides an end-to-end solution including every part of the test cell construction, remanufacturing or repair process.


Custom Designed and Engineered Products and Systems to Meet Your Needs

Swanda's extensive experience of all manner of control systems yields similar innovative results. For example, when evaluating a Navy facility's aging high-maintenance chain-driven turning vane lifting system, Swanda observed that it could design and install a durable, low-cost, environmentally-friendly, low-maintenance replacement lifting system with semi-automatic controls and automatic-locking safety pins customized to the customer's requirements. The upgraded system eliminates bulky counterweights; motors, chains, sprockets, bearings, drive shafts, and a catwalk formerly needed to perform regular maintenance on those items. Swanda successfully completed these upgrades, and they now provide the customer superior, trouble-free performance.


Managing the Unexpected 

Based on its extensive experience, Swanda offers practical, real-time in-house problem-solving capability to keep projects moving toward timely completion. For example, Swanda contracted recently with a customer to refurbish three augmentor sections in a test cell. Due to ongoing heavy use of the facility, Swanda's preliminary access was limited and the project had to be completed within 30 days. Swanda fabricated new pillows to repack the three augmentor sections, dismantled the augmentor, removed rust and corrosion, repainted, and installed the new pillows. Upon disassembly of the augmentor, Swanda discovered a significant number of the pillow support sheets had been damaged beyond repair. Swanda was able to complete the initial scope of work and install new pillow sheets within the original thirty-day project schedule, and the facility was back in operation in accordance with the customer's original plan despite the additional damage that was discovered during disassembly.


Expanding Scope, but Staying on Time and within Budget

Another excellent example is Swanda's recent relocation of two test cell facilities, in which the customer sought an expansion of the control-room for one of the facilities. Based on its experience, Swanda was able to reconfigure the planned structure quickly and efficiently to provide the additional desired control-room space at a nominal cost.