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From City Landmarks to Custom Building Finishes,
There Is No Limit to the Specialty Metal Work Swanda Creates


As one of Oklahoma’s oldest companies, Swanda truly recognizes the responsibilities that come with leaving a historical mark across our great state and country. Since 1902, Swanda has enjoyed a variety of architectural projects that have become part of our community for centuries to come. Our experienced craftsman and master fabricators take pride in all that they do, bringing to life custom projects of bold, unique, and enduring structures and building enhancements that are artistic and imaginative.

Whether it is building a historical landmark or decorative elements on a skyscraper or a children’s playground, Swanda is highly skilled in fabricating and installing customized projects, no matter how challenging, even when turned away by other fabricators. Swanda’s attention to customer needs and years of experience help turn complex visions into architectural realities. Our ultimate goal is to exceed high standards and ensure the final product meets our customer’s expectations in quality, product, and price.


Few companies get the opportunity to transform a city and Swanda is honored to participate and collaborate with architects across the country to engage in various engineered metal architectural projects.

Our custom metal fabrication facilities and highly skilled personnel make it easy to transform our customer’s vision into reality. It is with determination and vision that we look forward to producing
non-standard, one-off, construction projects, no matter how challenging!


Swanda Services & Capabilities


Swanda’s craftsman and master fabricators bring to life artistic and imaginative solutions to the exterior and interior decorative metal elements to commercial buildings, including signage, custom ornamental railings, spandrels, door and window cornices, trimmings, and much more.

Our custom metal fabrication and installation of architectural decorative embellishments provide enduring style with quality and texture that magnify the appearance of a variety of commercial buildings, landmarks, and structures.