Whether you are adding decorative elements to your commercial buildings, building an industrial or commercial kitchen, making green infrastructure enhancements, or simply installing interior or exterior signage, our state-of-the-art methods and equipment can match up to any project.

Swanda creates artistic and imaginative architectural metal products for commercial buildings, including decorative railings, custom ornamental enhancements and other inventive, exterior or interior metal features.

Swanda's team has a reputation for exceeding high standards. Our fabrication team will make sure the end product meets your expectations in quality, product and price.


Architectural metals such as ornamental details, spandrels and cornices, shades, window trimmings, doors, etc. are incorporated into creative building designs to provide a unique form of enduring style, quality and texture.

In order to achieve the first impression your building deserves, Swanda applies architectural metal design in patterns, which help observers appreciate and gain perspective on the size and design of the structure. Not only visually appealing, metal accents also provide tangible benefits to employees and effective energy reduction to the structure itself.

The finish of these metals is highly durable or may be adorned with a natural patina over time. Swanda’s 110-year history of innovative metal design put us in the perfect position to supply these long-term aluminum, steel, bronze and copper asset enhancements.


Few companies get the opportunity to literally transform a city. Swanda has been privileged to participate and collaborate with architects and engineers in many transformational architectural assignments. Most recently Swanda was engaged to build the thousands of stainless steel feathers that adorn the Skydance Bridge that grace's the Oklahoma City skyline across Interstate 40. Swanda designed, manufactured and installed each of the bridge's steel feathers individually, as no two feathers were alike. It is this creative ingenuity that allows the bridge to so closely resemble Oklahoma's state bird.

First Impressions

Swanda has become well known for its architectural first impressions. We specialize in fabrication and installation of custom designed and engineered metal architectural enhancements to buildings and structures as well as energy and weather saving solutions. Our facilities, experienced personnel and state-of-the-art fabrication technology will help turn the most difficult architectural situation into easy work. From skyscrapers to children's playscapes, Swanda's metal innovators have a solution to magnify the image of your company and even your city. Call us today to find out more about our architectural metal solutions.


Stainless Steel Planters designed to make a green wall for this corporate building