Swanda's vision statement is to "Innovate what matters."

Whether it is a complex metal structure or our relationship with our employees and customers, we want to be focused on what matters.  This consistent focus will be the driving force behind our next 110 years of continued success!

This vision leads us. Our values listed below keep us on the narrow path we walk daily and in each decision we make. We look forward to putting these values to work for you.

Swift - We are dedicated to the success of our customers by ensuring our part of each project is completed on time every time. 


Within Budget - Swanda manages each project closely to ensure we understand the client's financial expectations clearly and work aggressively to ensure we meet those expectations throughout the project.


Action Oriented - The close involvement and experience of our senior management team make for quick decisions on any project.


No Excuses - We take responsibility for our actions, and our long history is proof to our dedication to getting the job done right the first time.


Detailed Communication - From idea to implementation Swanda is dedicated to providing each customer with timely, accessible single point of contact communication.


Attitude of Innovation - Swanda has a long history of dedicated innovation we are determined to leverage with each project large or small.