Program Administration

Swanda is equally innovative on the job and behind the scenes. Swanda's administrative processes are virtually paperless. Through over 50 years of government contracting. Swanda has become an expert in detailed recordkeeping, billing, accounting and administration. Swanda regularly engages with outside experts to ensure it is utilizing the latest administrative technology. Swanda's management team understands the importance and value of a strong internal control environment, which ensures completeness and accuracy of all its financial and non-financial records. Swanda's administrative personnel communicate daily with project managers to help keep its customers informed with accurate financial and project details.

Swanda has comprehensive administrative capability, having been involved in complex military and other government projects for decades. Swanda has a long history of experience of compliance with all pertinent government requirements, especially those unique to military installations. Swanda also has a proven track record of handling multiple large projects simultaneously without delays or quality control issues, having repeatedly constructed and re-located multiple facilities simultaneously. Swanda's recent work in progress has included multiple concurrent contracts for projects of comparable scope and magnitude, at times exceeding a total of $20 Million.

Swanda's program managers have extensive project management skills. Swanda utilizes state-of-the-art government supported project management, accounting and information management tools to ensure customer projects are done right the first time and on time. Swanda program managers leverage information, technology and its streamlined management structure to ensure decisions are made timely and customers stay informed.