Swanda operates with the following six distinctive capabilities:

Design Superiority - Swanda collaborates with outside engineers that are unmatched in their unique focus and experience in solving problems where complex metal equipment and structures are the answer.  We utilize state-of-the-art technology and our exceptionally tenured team of collaborating engineers understand our customers' needs and make them a reality.

End-to-End Delivery - Swanda is a full service operation.  We will manage your need for the most simple to the most complex metal structures from the idea to design and through manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance or repair.  Swanda has worked with thousands of satisfied engineers, architects, businesses and government entities that have experienced the Swanda level of service. 

Global Mobility - Swanda has deep relationships with vendors and suppliers across the globe making it effective at meeting unique and high-pressure requirements from its customers on seven continents. Swanda is experienced, efficient and effective at meeting your aviation, industrial or architectural metal needs worldwide.

Unmatched Quality - Our customers take great comfort in the quality they have come to expect from the Swanda organization with 110 years of experience in metal design, fabrication and installation.  Our diligent effort to ensure a high quality product is delivered on time and within budget to our customers every time is our secret sauce. We don't rely on our experience alone to produce quality results. Swanda has invested heavily in hiring, training, systems, procedures and independent monitoring to ensure high quality results every time.

Quality control is a key element of Swanda's normal business processes. Compliance with stringent U.S. Navy tolerances and specifications have developed a culture of careful attention to detail, refined and enhanced by the practical judgment that only extensive hands-on experience can provide. Swanda's extensive quality control experience includes many specialized issues such as weld-spatter control, thermal management, corrosion prevention, ultra-precision fabrication, and high performance welding processes. Swanda's welding quality control is optimized for detection of issues associated with the relevant work, such as thermal stress and small debris. Swanda's quality control is further enhanced by the fact that work is done by Swanda's own employees under the direct supervision of Swanda management.

Expansive Facilities - Swanda's state-of-the-art facilities are geared toward any size project.  Our buildings are large and equipped with indoor crane mechanics and advanced machinery equipment making even the largest and most complex project manageable in every season.

Administrative Excellence - No organization can survive over 100 years of success without at some point achieving administrative excellence. Swanda prides itself in the efficiency and accuracy of its administrative systems. The skill sets, systems and controls required to manage complex projects and provide the detailed reporting required of any government contract, are core competencies for Swanda.