About Us

      Chuck Cooley, President and Owner of Swanda                     

Swanda is a fourth-generation, family-owned, HUBZone Certified company celebrating more than 100 years of complex metal structure and equipment fabrication and installation. Founded with a spirit of innovation and unfailing commitment to quality and clientele, Swanda is an international leader in the construction and installation of Aviation, Environmental and Architectural Metal projects, including custom-designed and engineered projects

Swanda bids fairly and comprehensively, and does not practice "buying-in" or any other unfair bidding practices. Swanda provides state-of-the-art expertise and capability efficiently, at a competitive cost. In part Swanda accomplishes this through optimal staffing and outside consulting engineers with the correct depth and breadth of experience and with experience at varying levels and in various disciplines.    

Swanda's business practices, facilities, materials flows, and management structure all contribute to an unparalleled ability to deliver products and services on time and within budget. These elements further contribute to Swanda's excellent safety record, as personnel safety stems from the same personal involvement, careful planning, co-ordination, and supervision that produces quality products and services.

Swanda's business practices foster accountability, effective customer communication and prompt response to customer feedback. At Swanda, all of these elements combine to create immediate project successes and long-term customer satisfaction.